Have you ever wondered what art means to you? Is it just pretty pictures or does it touch something deep inside? My art aims to make you feel calm. It reminds you to take a moment, slow down, and breathe.

Looking at my art, you'll see soothing textures and how they change with light and shadow. This gives the artwork a new look every time. I enjoy experimenting with repeating the same shape in different sizes. These patterns, known as Fractals, are incredibly fascinating! They are scientifically proven to have stress-reducing benefits. 

​Circles, the most fundamental geometric form, also play a significant role in my designs. They represent simplicity, continuity, and the energy of life (And I can't overlook my obsession with the moon!). 🌙

Explore the collection and create your own Zen sanctuary 🤍

Art Inspired by Fractals, Circles and Moonlight

My Journey


Many ask me, 'How did you go from architecture to art?' Well, let me share a bit more about my journey.

I'm all about simplicity, absolutely adore dogs, and constantly explore the mind-body connection. Originally from sunny South Africa, I've settled in beautiful Brisbane, Australia, with my husband (who shares my passion for architecture and art!), our two lovely daughters, and our furry companions.

My art journey began as a way for me to navigate through burnout and anxiety. Life's busy pace can sometimes make us lose sight of our true goals and who we really are. But I believe we're all essential parts of this grand tapestry called 'life,' and every single piece matters.

Creating art is like stepping into my own sanctuary—it's where I find peace, clarity, and a sense of balance that grounds me. It's a form of meditation that helps me centre my thoughts, bringing a deep inner calm even in life's whirlwind. In a busy world, these moments of tranquillity are priceless.

That's why my art focuses on balance, unity, and serenity, embracing the beauty of minimalism. I believe in sharing this sense of zen with others, offering everyone a chance to pause, reset, and discover resilience and happiness amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Being an artist means everything to me—it's not just about creating and selling art; it's about leaving a lasting impact. I pour my heart into every piece, hoping to convey a message beyond what meets the eye. I aim to bring a sense of calmness and beauty into your home, a constant source of positivity, and a gentle reminder to pause and take a breath in our fast-paced world. Moreover, supporting causes close to my heart is a way for me to extend the reach of my art, making a difference beyond its visual appeal.

Here's to Your life's journey, overflowing with positivity and endless inspiration, lighting up each step with passion and purpose! 

Let's share in spreading positivity together! 💫

If you have any questions, collaboration ideas or just want to say 'Hi' please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!