1. How do I get started choosing an artwork for my space?

Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Email me photo of your space with wall dimensions (and furniture dimensions, if applicable).
  2. Let me know which artworks catch your eye from my collections (optional).
  3. If you'd like, you can share your budget with me (optional).

I'll then offer personalised recommendations and mock-ups of the artworks in your space. Once you've selected a size, you can choose a colour. I have COLOUR SAMPLE SET available to perfectly match your interior.

I also offer commissions if you're looking for a specific artwork. You can customise everything from size to colour, even the name, making the artwork uniquely yours. If there's a sold-out piece you love, let me know, and I can create a similar inspired piece.

2. Will the artwork's colour will fit my space?

Order a COLOUR SAMPLE SET to find your perfect match from the standard colour options.


3. What if I want a very specific colour that is not in your standard range?

No problem! Let me know the colour you're after (e.g., a wall paint colour name from your local paint store), and I can create a Limited Edition artwork or commission just for you in that colour. Get in touch HERE


4. Can I get a 1-of-1 artwork in a different colour?

Unfortunately, no. These 1-of-1 artworks are already made and the colour cannot be changed. However, the Limited Edition artworks are made to order, and you can choose a different colour if you prefer. I can also create a commission piece with your chosen colour inspired by the artwork you like. Get in touch HERE


5. Do you offer artworks in other sizes and colours?

Yes, I do! Get in touch with me, and I can create a commission for you in your preferred size or colour. You can even suggest a title for the artwork if you wish! Get in touch HERE


6. What if I've ordered the artwork, and it does not fit my interior 100%?

My goal is for you to love your artwork for years to come! With my 14-day return policy, you can return the artwork for an exchange or refund. For more information, visit this page: REFUND POLICY


7. Do all artworks come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

Yes, all artworks come with a Certificate of Authenticity attached to the back, including the artwork's name, edition number (if applicable), and date. Once Limited Editions are sold out, they will not be available anymore.


8. What are the wall sculptures made out of? I use thin layers of MDF sheets that are laser cut into shapes. The layers are glued together to create the desired 3D effect, then finished with different textures and textured paint, with a final touch of matte acrylic paint. For more information, visit this page: ART PROCESS

9. What are the frame options? 
I work with a slim frame that is 2cm deep, creating a floating effect with a small shadow line or gap between the artwork and frame. The finish is raw oak, or in some pieces, painted the same texture and colour as the artwork. See the artwork's description for specification.

For extra-large artworks, I use panels that are 35mm deep for structural stability, with the sides finished with the same colour and texture as the artwork. 

Additional custom framing options in 4cm deep frames with various finishes and colours are available for extra-large artworks and custom size commission work. 

For more information and images, visit this page: WALL SCULPTURE GUIDE


10. Can I have the art unframed?

Yes, Limited Editions and Commissioned artworks can be ordered unframed. (Unfortunately the 1-of-1 Artworks are already framed and do not come with the option for unframed).

The art is created on MDF sheets, with the edges finished in the same texture and paint colour as the artwork. You can have it professionally framed by your local framer if you prefer.

I highly recommend that larger artworks are framed or mounted on a subframe to ensure stability of the board when hanging. For more information and images, visit this page: WALL SCULPTURE GUIDE


11. How do I hang the art?

The artworks come with a wall bracket that can hold the weight of the artwork and is easy to install. Other hanging systems can be used as well, but caution should be taken regarding the weight of the wall sculptures. For more information and images, visit this page: WALL SCULPTURE GUIDE


12. Do you work with Interior Designers and Architects?

Yes, with a background in Architecture, I love helping Interior Designers and Architects bring their interior visions to life! I specialise in art for residential and commercial spaces. For more information, visit this page: INTERIOR DESIGNERS & ARCHITECTS


13. Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, I offer free shipping for all Australian orders for Colour Sample Sets and artworks under 1 meter on the longest side. Contact me for a custom shipping quote for artworks over 1 meter. For more information visit this page: SHIPPING


14. Do you ship your art Internationally?

Yes, I have shipped various sizes to different countries. Get in touch for a shipping quote. For more information visit this page: SHIPPING