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Infinite Hope - Art Print

Infinite Hope - Art Print

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Material - Unframed

Unframed prints and canvases will be delivered in a secure, protective tube.

Discover photo reproductions of original wall art sculptures, high-quality giclee printed with archival inks. Select from different sizes in art paper or go for a classic canvas. Consider the ‘Add-A-Frame’ service for a ready-to-hang bespoke art piece.

🌟 10% of all 'Infinite Hope' prints will be donated to Endometriosis Australia and Qendo, supporting those battling Endometriosis. 🌟

Be part of this meaningful initiative  - With every purchase of an 'Infinite Hope' Art print, you're not only adorning your space with a symbol of strength, but you're also contributing to a greater cause.
Let's join hands in spreading awareness! Share 'Infinite Hope' with friends and family who would appreciate this special artwork and support the cause.
This print isn't just a piece of art; it's a daily reminder of your unwavering strength and the boundless hope that exists within you. It also makes for a thoughtful gift to inspire and uplift a loved one.



Please note: This art print includes the title 'Infinite Hope' and the artist's name at the bottom of the print.

Art Print Sizes

  • A3 (29.7cm x 42cm)
  • A2 (42cm x 59.4cm)
  • A1 (59.4cm x 84.1cm)
  • A0 (84.1cm x 118.9cm)

What does "Photo-quality giclee printing" and "archival inks" mean?

The term "Giclée" originates from the French phrase "sprayed ink." Today, it refers to an advanced inkjet printmaking process renowned for its ability to produce top-tier fine art reproductions. Giclée printing excels in delivering exceptionally high image resolution, preserving intricate details from the original fine art or photographic images.

"Archival inks" refers to the type of ink used in the printing process, which is designed to resist fading and deterioration over time, ensuring the longevity and preservation of the print.

This combination of high-quality printing and archival inks results in a print that closely resembles the original artwork and is built to last for a very long time.

Which should I opt for: paper or canvas?

Choose between paper or canvas based on your intended use. Size selection is influenced by available wall space, your preferred style, and budget.

- 310gsm Museum-grade Fine Art Cotton Rag Photo Paper: Opt for this premium 100% Cotton Rag Matte paper for top-notch fine art printing. This paper is archival rated, featuring a subtle texture without gloss. Experience richer colours and enhanced tonal depth. It's a lasting choice, ensuring image stability for years to come while delivering sharp, intricate detail.

*Paper Prints are edge-to-edge with no white border.

- 450gsm Matte Finish Canvas from the prestigious Ilford Galerie collection. This canvas boasts a heavy-weight poly-cotton archival-grade material, free from artificial whiteners and optical brightening agents (OBAs) that can cause yellowing over time.

*An extra white border of 75mm all around the canvas print is added for those who wish to have it stretched and/or framed at their local framer.

Made to order in Australia

All art prints are custom-printed locally according to your order specifications. Please allow 7-14 business days for production time, in addition to shipping time, depending on your location.

Prints & Frame Guide

For more information visit the 'Prints & Frame Guide' page

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This isn't just a piece of art; it's a daily reminder of your unwavering strength and the boundless hope that exists within you

Infinite Hope' embodies strength, resilience, and unity. Inspired by the enduring spirit of #EndoWarriors, this art print celebrates infinite possibilities.

The QENDO logo, blending the infinity symbol with women's health, was the spark behind 'Infinite Hope.' The infinity symbol takes on a captivating form, reminding us that every ending leads to a new beginning.

Within these symbols, we discover unwavering strength and a potent feminine energy. They gracefully flow, creating an ever-evolving fractal pattern, a testament to our boundless potential.

Like the petals of a flower or the wings of a butterfly, this recurring motif symbolizes growth and transformation. The circle, an ancient emblem of unity and completeness, reinforces our collective strength. It serves as a reminder that together, we can conquer any challenge.

'Infinite Hope' celebrates the boundless potential that emerges when we stand together in unity and support